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    About M. Pharm

    M.Pharm is a two-year post-graduate course which has been designed to focus on the field of pharmaceutical science.Under this programme, the students get in-depth knowledge on how to prepare medicines, help in treating patients, advising patients on the usage of medicines, the side effects, dosage, etc.Students who have completed their B.Pharm are eligible for this course. Colleges offer admission through both entrance exams and merit.

    M.Pharm Pharmaceutics graduates have opportunities in a wide variety of fields.The students who graduate from this course can work as teachers, government jobs, researchers, etc. Further study options post completion of M.Pharm include doing a Ph.D in Pharmacy or other area of specialization.

    What is the M.Pharm Pharmaceutics Admission Process?

    • The admission process for M.Pharm is usually entrance based and few of the colleges might also conduct a round of personal interview.
    • The universities follow the system of entrance exam based admission but few of the colleges offer admission on merit.
    • The exam will assess the candidate’s general aptitude and critical thinking skills.
    • Important dates and announcements are available on the college website.
    • Most of the colleges have an online application system, when once the link is opened you can apply through the prescribed link.

    What is Eligibility Criteria for M.Pharm Pharmaceutics?

    The candidates who fit the following eligibility criteria can apply for M.Pharm Pharmaceutics:

    • Should hold a B.Pharm from a recognized university.
    • Minimum of 55% marks in undergraduate degree.
    • Relaxation of up to 5% marks is applicable for reserved category.
    • Must qualify the national level or university level entrance exam.

    What are the top M.Pharm Pharmaceutics Entrance Exams?

    There are few national level entrance exams for most of the colleges. The colleges that do have an entrance exam which is an entrance exam which tests your general aptitude.

    • GPAT: A national level entrance exam for pharmacy courses in colleges which are approved by AICTE.
    • NIPER JEE: An entrance exam for admission into the NIPER colleges.
    • GUJCET: An entrance exam conducted for admission to pharmacy courses in the state of Gujarat.
    • MET: An entrance exam for admission to Manipal University.

    M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) Career Options and Job Prospects

    India has come a long way in the pharmaceutical domain and there are various pharmaceutical industries that offer lucrative jobs to experts in this domain. Jobs are available in various hospitals and government pharmacies as well. With this postgraduate degree, candidates can also pursue teaching jobs in pharmacy colleges and guide budding pharmacists who want to pursue this career. Following are the areas where M.Pharm graduates can work:

    • Employment Areas
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Health Economy
    • Nutrition Pharmacy
    • Research & Development
    • Job Profiles
    • Consultant Pharmacists
    • Dispensary Manager
    • Clinical Pharmacist
    • Dispensary Pharmacist
    • Hospital Pharmacist
    • Community Pharmacist
    • Medicines Safety Manager
    • Pharmacy Assistant
    • Medicines Management Technician
    • Senior Clinical Pharmacists
    • Medical Representative

    Postgraduate Pharmacy Courses:-

    The list of Postgraduate Pharmacy Courses offered in India is given below:-

    • M.Pharm.(Master of Pharmacy)
    • M.Pharm in Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics(Master of Pharmacy in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics)
    • M.Pharm in Biopharmaceutics(Master in Pharmacy in Biopharmaceutics)
    • M.Pharm in Biotechnology(Master of Pharmacy in Biotechnology)
    • M.Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy(Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy)
    • M.Pharm in Clinical Practice & Research(Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Practice and Research)
    • M.Pharm in Cosmeceuticals(Master of Pharmacy in Cosmeceuticals)
    • M.Pharm in DDRS (Master of Pharmacy in Drug Development & Regulatory Sciences)
    • M.Pharm in Drug Discovery and Drug Development (Master of Pharmacy in Drug Discovery and Drug Development)
    • M.Pharm in Drug Regulatory Affairs (Master of Pharmacy in Drug Regulatory Affairs)
    • M.Pharm in Industrial Pharmacy(Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy)
    • M.Pharm in Medicinal Chemistry(Master of Pharmacy in Medicinal Chemistry)
    • M.Pharm in Medicinal Natural Products(Master of Pharmacy in Medicinal Natural Products)
    • M.Pharm in Nanotechnology(Master of Pharmacy in Nanotechnology)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Administration(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Administration)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Analysis (Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Analysis)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Market and Management(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Market and Management)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology (Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy & Phytomedicine.(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy and Phytomedicine)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmacology & Toxicology (Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology & Toxicology)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmacology(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology)
    • M.Pharm in Pharmacy Practice(Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Practice)
    • M.Pharm. in Natural Products & Phytochemistry(Master of Pharmacy in Natural Products and Phytochemistry)
    • M.Pharm in Quality Assurance (Master of Pharmacy in Quality Assurance)
    • M.Sc in Pharmacology(Master of Science in Pharmacology)